Retiring Kuel-FTP

Lost interest in this project, and haven’t looked at it for quite a few years now. I was doing a complete rewrite of it from VB.NET to C# using a new FTP library. There are already a number of good free FTP clients out there, anyways.

Done with My Playlist Downloader has recently taken on a service, and thus it makes no sense continuing to maintain this project. Although, for the last few months the app was broken since had relaunched as a web app, and a few things had changed on their end. This week I thought I would update the app, but realized it had changed it’s approach completely to an internet radio station model.

Anyways, that’s it. The download links will be removed from the site, but the source code will remain on GitHub.


This is a project that I worked on late last year, but only recently polished up for practical use.

ViaDNS is a proxy server that works by DNS redirection; similarly to Unblock-Us and UnoTelly. It a combination of DNSMasq, Squid and a custom forwarder written in Python. The custom forwarder uses Twisted for connecting clients, and dpkt for extracting the SNI from TLS packets. Normal traffic is forwarded to squid. The forearder mainly functions as an authorization check gateway. FreeRADIUS is used for user authorization and authentication with daloRADIUS as the management interface.

You can try out ViaDNS here, it’s free; setup instructions are provided. Registration is required, but no email is needed. If you’re unable to sign up/login check back in a bit, as it runs on an Amazon EC2 spot instance. The web app is powered by Django and uses pyrad to interface with FreeRADIUS.